Cara’s Pork Belly

Cara Portnoy is one of many accomplished Foodie’s in our ranks. Here’s her prescription for pork belly.

“Last week we pulled out our fresh bacon and rubbed with salt, whiskey and maple syrup. Smoked it yesterday.”

Just FYI, one of the cuts labeled fresh bacon still had the ribs on it.* We didn't salt it like the other cuts, but just smoked it along with the bacon. Yummmm…that was an awesome dinner. 
Had it alongside some brown rice, prepared adzuki beans, and cashew coconut creamed kale!”

* Note: Pork belly and fresh bacon are one and the same, coming from the meat and fat layer developed alongside the ribs of the pig. Sometimes we ask the butcher to cut it off the ribs, at other times we leave the ribs on. The rib bones only enhance the flavor of the meat.