The Big Fat Hen Got Winter-Skinny

Most of you followed our survey and conclusion regarding the problems our chicken farm has had in getting the broilers to a desirable state. For those who may have missed it, this harsh winter has knocked the chickens for a loop. We made the now obvious mistake of processing them at the smaller, under-developed sizes. The result was poor chicken product. We won’t do that again - our apologies. But the fix is found below in our chicken soup instructions. We tried it last weekend and all is well when you use these smaller chickens for soup. Medicine for the body and the soul, for sure!

We are letting them rest and grow at whatever pace they require to get back to their desired 3 to 3.5 pound size before offering them again. That certainly will not be in this March delivery and may have to skip April as well. Look for their return in May at the latest and thank you for your understanding.