Brisket Bacon

Some of you will find an unlabeled package of “something” that looks a little like sliced bacon in your cooler this month and all should see it next month. It’s a new variety to our meats. Here’s how it’s done.

The whole beef brisket, not trimmed at all, is put in the smokehouse. After smoking, it is sliced like bacon, fat and all and then packaged. The idea is to simulate pork bacon from beef. The brisket is a perfect choice because of its good mix of lean and fat and the fat happens to have the highest Omega-3 count of all of the beef fats.

Fry it up like bacon over medium heat. Do it until you get a little crust. Then use it however you please.

Will we make this a regular? Don’t know yet. We were not as excited about it in the eating as we were in the inventing. Let us know what you think.