Chicken “in the kitchen” Not

We have had a long and happy farming partnership with David and Lori Crank of Oaks of Mamre Farm. Seven years ago we handed our chicken production over to them and a year later gave them our slot at the Rice U. Houston Farmers Market as we transitioned to a pure home delivery plan. Both farms have enjoyed success since then. But too much success can be a negative when demand begins to exceed one’s land and labor capacity. That point was reached at Oaks of Mamre. David and Lori have decided to pull back on their production to give both land and creatures more time to grow and recover. Since we are their only wholesale customer, it only made sense to put all of their reduced production into their higher-priced retail sales. We understand - without financial sustainability, there is no sustainability at all. Keep on keepin’ on, David and Lori. We thank you.

We do lose the 3rd meat in our cooler as a result; we regret that. But you can find it at David and Lori’s stand at the Rice Market on Tuesdays and the Eastside market on Saturdays. We urge you to continue to support this fine poultry farm at their market stands. And for your cooler it means more of our pork and beef.