State of the Farm

After record setting rains in May, we relapsed as June fell off the average by 2 inches and July will do the same unless we get some rain at the end of the month. While there has been rain all around us, it dries up right as it reaches our edge. That happens, and it usually means that a rotation will occur and we will go through a period when we get the rain and our neighbors won’t. But we can’t count on that this time of year, August and September being our driest months. We will follow through on our plan to move the mother herd to the Mayfair leased pasture where more rain has fallen. That move will take place circa August 15th after the mommas and their babies harvest the grasses that are left at JVF.

Between August 15th and October 1st, we will be using our no-till seed drill to plant winter pasture: oats, rye, millet, turnips, collards and crimson and ball clover. That will give the mommas and their babies a green feast when they return from their Mayfair holiday, and keep them off of imported hay until hard freezes occur over a series of nights.

We’ve had a pretty good rebound year and look forward to more green prosperity in the fall and winter months. What a relief it is to be able to say that!