From the Front Porch

We have designated the 2 acre yard around the new hill house as our grass conservatory. At best, the soil is a ½ inch deep, perched as it is at the top of the county, and underlain by sandstone. Thousands of centuries from now, that sandstone will become limestone, but for now, it is soft and porous enough that roots can dig in. We imagine that any grass that does establish itself will be full of minerals as a result and the cattle, during their occasional controlled grazing, certainly appreciate its nutritional qualities. Mostly, we irrigate it. We have already discovered a never before seen variety of bluestem, called Gordo. Gordo apparently likes plenty of water because as soon as things went dry, it faltered. But not before we could strip it of seed, which is preserved in baggies and refrigerated. When the fall comes, we will plant the seed around various pasture sites and see if we can establish a new-to-us native grass. It is a very prolific grass in moist conditions.