The Red Herd at JVF

Recall that half of our mother herd resides at JVF and the other half at Clay’s Mayfair Ranch. We sent the JVF herd to “vacation” at the Mayfair in August while we rested JVF and planted winter pasture. While the two herds were together, we re-mixed them so that the JVF herd is now all red in color – Red Angus and Hereford - and the Mayfair herd is more varied, consisting of everything from black to red to striped. Why the change? We are taking advantage of the added vigor that cross-breeding provides. The red herd will be sired by the Hereford bull, with his girlfriends being Red Angus and a couple of Herefords, while the Mayfair herd will be sired by the Red Angus bull, and his girlfriends will be a very mixed lot. Think of cross-breeding as mimicking the American experience; that turned out pretty well. We’re hoping for similarly successful results.