State of the Farm

The state of the farm can be described in one word. Wet. It has been a long time since we’ve used that word as a descriptor, but it requires no exaggeration to get there these days. We might even say “wet, getting wetter”. January saw rain well above normal, and it looks like February will be the same.

We closed out the rain book for 2014 at 48 inches and change. An astounding number that reminds us of the early to mid-90’s when we regularly got yearly rain in the high 40 inch category. Flash flooding was a common event back then with the low roads closing on a  monthly basis.

Forty-eight inches in a year exceeds the previous 7 year cycle by 12 inches. That is huge. Those kinds of surpluses will bring the water table up to levels we haven’t seen for a long time and go a long ways towards correcting the harm done by 3 years of drought. Rain at the surface is one thing. A water table that is high enough to be reached by the root system of the grasses is yet another. When you reach the latter point, growth is much more sustaining.

No complaints here. Bring it on!