State of the Farm

I spend a lot of time on the tractor this time of year, shredding the standing hay from last year in order to open up the soil to sunshine and air as we anticipate the Spring Flush, that glorious re-birth time of year. I am awed by the state of the “underneath”, the stuff that is beginning its green cycle under the protection of the last year’s growth. I have noted many times before that Mother Nature hunkers down under adverse conditions such as the 3 year drought we experienced in 2011-13. There is no more appropriate way to describe her rebound than the old adage that “what don’t kill us makes us stronger.” So as I shred and the underneath is revealed, I feel like I am opening presents at Christmas.

She is making her statement this year for sure. The clovers are more abundant than I have seen them in my 26 years on the tractor and the grasses will surely follow when the temperature gets right, stimulated by those subterranean microbes and then the worms and beetles. We’re living a farmer’s dream, folks, and that all translates into good, nourishing food for the city.