State of the Farm

How’s this to open State of the Farm? The farm has never been better!

Really and truly, I have never seen a more promising spring than we have now and it was preceded by a terrific winter pasture during which we never had to feed hay. We are covered up in clover of 4 varieties, medic, ball, crimson and white. What that is doing for the subsoil creatures that form the heart of a thriving soil is a known – nothing like clover and manure to cause a riot of growth below the surface. If microbes can grin, visualize a lot of smiley-faces down under. 

I’ll say it again, it has never been better. And that reminds me to pass this message along from Honi, who handles customer relations: during the drought, we were having to encourage “every other month” customers because our production was down. We have reversed that trend since the rains began in 2014 and have now gone through 2 good grazing seasons and are on the verge of another. So those of you who would like to take more regularly – bring it on. We have the production to accommodate you. The more, the better.