We have spent space in several newsletters discussing the value added in the nutrients of grass-based meats and eggs. But the story is bigger than that. What we do at JVF is cleaning the environment and as these methods spread, they will have a significant effect across our American landscape. How’s that? It’s best explained through my grandfather’s story. He homesteaded with my grandmother outside of Lake Charles and established a dairy and vegetable farm known as “Fair View” (if you translate that into French, it is “Jolie Vue”, so now you know the genesis of our farm’s name). Fair View was an integrated farm, rotating the land between vegetable plots and grazing Jersey cows. Paw Paw brooked no middle men, milking his cows and delivering their milk, cream and butter directly to his customers in Lake Charles. Vegetables were sold to the local grocers. Chickens, ducks and pigs knew nothing about cages or pens. Dogs kept the predator population in check and cats did the same with mice and snakes. Nary a man-made chemical or artificial entered the farm’s gate. It was a healthy, self-sustaining environment that contributed to the good health of the larger environment in which it operated. We have modeled ourselves after Fair View in every way possible.