Link: Nutrition and Flavor

Are you amazed by how much the food world has changed in the last 10 years? I am, and the Real Food world made it happen. It was moving along at a steady pace from its inception with a bunch of “old hippies” and Whole Foods in Austin. That was 40 years ago. But the pace of change accelerated over the last ten when the retailers realized you were serious about the food thing. Now we have fast food and grocery companies competing to see who can get on the bandwagon first.

Which brings me to today’s revelation: did you know that the lack of nutrition that goes into the industrial chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb also dilutes the flavor? So what have they been doing since factory farms started? They are adding artificial flavors that mimic those meaty tastes. Yep, there’s a chemical company in New Jersey that does nothing but that – invents in the test tube whatever a piece of meat is supposed to taste like and sells it to the producers so their meat can taste like something it is not but used to be.

Wow. More cooked chemicals in our food that nobody told us about. And they convinced us it was “fresh”. What a bunch of rascals.

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