State of the Farm

It’s the year of El Niño and that means rain in any year, but that boy is really serious this year. Just as the drought of 2011-2013 made the record book for a lack of rain, we are going in the opposite direction this year. While we sympathize with our fellow citizens who sit at the bottom in the flash flooding zones, there is almost no risk from heavy rains at JVF. All of our buildings are on high ground, the cattle can graze that same high ground, and the pigs, though living down low, consider mud to be the perfect living condition. Meanwhile, the grasses thrive and the temperatures stay below normal. So all of the creatures at JVF are grinning.

News Flash: Since writing the first paragraph, El Niño moved north and high pressure moved in with less humidity but much higher temperatures. Amazing how quickly the highlands at JVF can dry up — though not to a grass-killing degree. The water table is at the top, so the roots still reach water.