What Don’t Kill Us…

…makes us stronger, right? So we survived the drought with many consequences, one being the aquatic weed population in our ponds and lakes. It has flourished. What happens is that the low water levels expose seed that could not reach a growth stage in normal times. Suddenly they can and do. So our water holes were covered in duck weed last year. When it returned this year, we said enough! There were two cures offered – pond herbicides or the tilapia fish, the latter a pure herbivore who loves any aquatic greenery. We chose natural, of course. They are already at work. Nature is so cool.

Have you had tilapia at your favorite café or fish monger’s shop? It is a delicious slab of meat and when grown out naturally, contains many of the benefits of salmon, another herbivore. So, if we can figure out how to catch them at summer’s end, you may see a few filets in your cooler. Stay tuned on that point.