Here Comes the Peach

As you know from earlier letters, the peaches are in and in the freezer for our pigs after Honi went through her annual canning frenzy. We made peach ice cream on Father’s Day as well as just eating them out of hand. Preserves and jams are all over the cabinets here – something I never complain about. Wild grapes are next for grape jelly. Whoo hoo!

So you should detect some peach in your pork this month and through the month of September. After that, the figs come in and you’ll be eating fig pigs (the pear trees are not old enough yet, so that fall fruit is not quite on the table. Hoping to see pears next year).

That’s eating with the seasons, folks. You can’t get it anywhere else. Only at JVF do we take the time and expense to build those values into our food. It’s good for the creatures, good for the planet, and good for you!