State of the Farm

Like the Mississippi, the farm just keeps rolling along. We are so heavy in grass that it is a bit of a chore to move the momma herd to the next pasture in the rotation. The cows look at us with a quizzical expression which says – “hey, why should we move; there’s plenty of good grass here.”

Well, it’s true. We are leaving a lot of grass behind each time we move the herd. We move them with grass still standing to protect the soil from the heat and to preserve moisture. But the cows don’t care about that. Like us humankinds, moving is a hassle. They’d rather stay “home”.

But the copious rain and our managed rotation system is really paying off this year. While the recommended ratio of cows per acre of pasture in our county is 1 cow per 10 acres, we have been running at approximately 1 cow per 4 acres and still not anywhere near an exhaustion
stage. Think about that: good stewardship along with rain giuves us more than twice as much pasture as we actually own. With the cost of land in Washington County, that is a great economic benefit. I have no doubt that we will add a few more mommas next year.