The Rain Gauge

The heat of August dissipated toward the end of the month as cloudiness moved in and dropped the temperatures a solid 10 degrees. Humidity and morning fog increased, giving us some morning moisture; not as good as a rain, of course, but better than the low humidity days we had while the high pressure ridge stood over us for most of the month. Humidity and fog decelerate the dehydration effect of hot, dry days.

With 1.6 inches of rain in August, we only slightly exceeded the average of 1.4. That’s okay — anything that is like normal is welcome.

So this is where we are for the year-to-date: 47.1 inches, which exceeds the pre-drought average for 12 months and exceeds the average as of September 1st by a whopping 23 inches. On average, that is an additional 2 inches per month over normal. Unless we don’t get the typical fall rains, we are on track to beat the largest total rainfall ever experienced in our 26 years at JVF. We’ll take that in a heartbeat! And a hope that we repeat anything like that in 2016.