Watch Those Supplements

We all know the great emphasis our society places on taking supplements. I think there are two points to keep in mind if you do take or are considering taking any supplements. First, you are taking a manufactured food that is really not food at all. For the same reason that we are warned against processed food, do you really want to do that?  Second, they tend to be taken in extraordinarily large doses. Is your body really able to process that? Metabolism is a very complex mechanism, apparently depending upon a wide variety of factors, all of which may be absent when you swallow a pill with water alone. Third, a wise man once told me that our bodies adapt to and utilizes nutrients that are ingested in small doses over a long period of time. Can you do that with a pill?

These maxims were again brought to mind with the recent warning that calcium pills, commonly taken by so many of us, had caused a really significant spike in organ disease, especially the kidney and heart. Be Careful!! Eat good food. In all likelihood, the rest will take care of itself.