State of the Farm

This is the time of year when we start watching the interplay between temperatures and rain as we begin the transition from spring to summer – May represents that transition month. Here is what we hope for each year: with enough rain to keep the soil cool and rich in water, higher temperatures will actually spur growth. We want to see the summer grasses get up and tall so that grazing is optimized while preserving plenty of grass left behind to protect the soil when the temperatures get into the mid-90’s that we expect to reach by June. Following June, rain gets more sparse in July and August as temperatures go higher too. You must have grass covering the soil if you are to survive the two toughest months of the year. Robust growth at this time of year is our opportunity to ensure a survivable late summer period.

All of that being said, it’s “so far, so good”. We are grateful to this point in the year.