The Orchards

Jolie Vue Farms - Glen Boudreaux loves his peaches.

We love it when the fruits start showing themselves. As many of you saw at Open Farm, our peaches are coming along quickly and we expect another 2,500 peaches put away to use in finishing our happy pigs – peach-pork should be in your coolers by July and last through October. By then, we will be picking figs for fig-pigs. And the pears are maturing all the while – perhaps by next year, we will have enough pears to bring you pear-pigs. When our plan is fully mature, and we have added our sweet potato garden, all finishing fruits will come from the farm. That goal was implemented 5 years ago and we are now 7/12ths of the way there. Expect the nourishment value of your JVF food to keep increasing. JVF wants to continue its position as your best value farmer.