Let There Be Cooks

We don’t fully appreciate the impact of decades of ready-to-eat fast, delivered and frozen foods until you get into the farm business model space that we occupy. Then it hits you – we as a nation are very talented warmer-uppers. Many among us think of that as “cooking”. We will never forget the family that signed up, received their first delivery, then called to advise us that “none of this is cooked!” That was their first and last delivery. Couldn’t deal with cooking. The concept was completely foreign to them.

It only states the obvious to note that most of you are either already established cooks or you are eager learners who realize that cooking and eating fresh clean food is one of life’s great pleasures. But sometimes we find the in-betweener; someone who can do the easy stuff like ground meat, but will not learn the more nuanced recipes like pot roast or Osso Buco. These are some of my favorite dishes because they include many varieties of vegetables and the meats are the most nutritious of all of the cuts because they are heavily worked muscles. But that also makes them the toughest if not cooked to a fork-tender state. You accomplish fork-tender in any one of three ways: 2 – 3 hours in a Dutch oven, overnight in your slow cooker, or about 40-60 minutes in your digital pressure cooker. Check the JVF Cooking Book for details. Extend your knowledge and pleasure at the same time. Let there be cooks!