Other Cooking Tips

Do your pork chops and steaks tend to draw up on themselves? Mine do, but I have the solution. Cut slits along the fat side toward the meat. There is a tendon that runs along the edge of the meat. It contracts more quickly that the meat when the heat hits it, bringing the rest of the meat with it. If you cut it, that will prevent the curl. 2 or 3 slits will do the trick.

Some ask why we leave such a thick layer of fat on our pork chops. We do that because fat is a good thing, at least in the case of properly raised meats. In the case of pork, it profiles just like oleic oil – think olive oil here. The bonus is that it is very tasty when cooked. But if you remain in the Dark Ages about the necessity of fat in a healthy body, just trim it after cooking. At least you will get some of its benefit in the jus.

Eat well to live well!