At the Rain Gauge

July finished with 1 ¼ inches against the average of 3 ¼, a 2 inch deficit. But June was 2 inches above average so it sort of offsets drier July.

As I checked our year to date rainfall this time of year, I found something surprising. Out of the seven months now completed, 5 were below average (January-April -5 and July -2”) and only 2 were above average (May at 26.6” and June +2”). I don’t recall having so many months below average in our entire history, but as I mentioned many times before, call it what you want, our weather is changing. Everything, be it rain or temperature, seems more severe, more acute. And as we go to press, August rain totals to date are way ahead of normal. I like that because it sets us up for a good grass crop in the Fall and drops the temperatures down in the process. But it also makes the point of a changing climate when our normally driest month is in line to be our second wettest month of the year.

That’s the report from “on the ground”!