Germy Seed

I am impressed with the results that the education of consumers about Real Food has resulted in things like organic fruits and vegetables in the stores and some improvement at the meat counter (the over-use of the word “natural” blurs our ability to judge whether there is real improvement there).

Now, the seed business is getting on the train. The same people that crammed GMO seed down our throats have now taken a positive step, developing seed with a soil microbe coating that is apparently the real thing. We know that decades of poisons regularly applied has killed the microbial life and reduced soils in the conventional farm to mere plant holders. There is no telling how that deficiency has altered our food value and our digestive systems, but we do know that auto-immune disease has increased and there is some reason to believe the afflictions are related to a lack of good bacteria in the gut. Regardless, getting back to nature is a good thing. Three cheers to an industry that to date only deserved our boos.