State of the Farm

Well! Our new normal weather pattern made a fool of me last month. Our driest, hottest, most difficult month of the last 26 years instead turned into our monsoon season in the middle of August. We recorded 8.1 inches of rain over 8 days in the last 16 days of the month, 6.8 inches above our average. Not only the cows but the pigs loved it too. Mud holes everywhere. Mud is their pig spa.

This unusual development bodes well for our Fall grasses. The temperatures are starting to moderate and the grasses have already popped as we saw over the Labor Day weekend. We would normally be putting out both oat and rye seed but if we have grasses like it looks right now, we will only be seeding the later-maturing rye, bringing us savings in our winter grass program. These summer grasses will easily take us into November before needing to go to the rye grass. This is Mother Nature at her kindest!