State of the Farm

We finally worked out of our Fall dry spell with 4 inches of rain as December began. September, October and November were well below expectations on a combined basis. The dryness retarded the growth of our winter pasture as we watched our cattle draw down on fat storage. Always tough to see that happening, especially when we had experienced such a good growth year to that point. Mother Nature giveth and she taketh away. It is rare indeed to have a perfect year. We’ll settle for a simply good year as we watch the winter rye sprout and grow with the life-giving rains.

Instead of groaning, we look for the bright side. Having a much better than usual rainfall in August gave the summer grasses one last and gigantic boost. The leftovers from that month make for “standing hay”, the dry matter that will make the fresh green winter rye more digestible. So there you go! The bright side of things as we head into the most wonderful time of the year.

Winter rye has no equal in terms of giving a fine, fresh and clean beef taste. We hear people talk about grass-fed and grass-finished beef being “gamey”. Not ours. It’s all about getting the right grasses into the growing beef. Get ready for our best beef and pork come January through the spring, when it’s best competitor, spring grasses, will take over. You’re eating not only with the seasons, but with the best seasons of the years once we enter the new year.