NEW! All-Beef Delivery Option

Jolie Vue now offers, for the first time in its history, a choice of home-delivered coolers full of beef all at the same price as the other and all providing the same number of servings. And, of course, all of our natural meats come from humanely-raised, antibiotic and growth hormone-free meats from native, unpoisoned, organic-certifiable pastures and all achieve the Paleo guidelines if that is your dietary choice.

Your choices are:

  • Our Traditional selection, which is "farmer's choice" and includes a mixed variety of beef, pork and chicken. This is the selection that has sustained the farm for its first twelve years in farm-to-home eating. Meats from beef, pork and chicken are not the same nutritionally so we like the balance in nutrients and tastes that "traditional" provides, and so do most of our customers.
  • The All Beef choice: some of our customers and inquirers choose to follow Judeo/Christian (Leviticus) or Halal (Al-Qur'an 5:3) dietary practices which teaches abstention from pork. So whether it is for faith reasons or simply your personal preference, you can now choose "all beef", which of course remains 100% grass-fed and finished.

In either case, you may choose to include one free range chicken in your cooler or not.

Eggs remain an option at a separate price of $5.95 per dozen (the same organic/free range egg that you pay $7 or more for at your grocery store). Order as many cartons as you wish of this superior egg.