French Chicken

I got a tantalizing article from one of you (thanks, Trish) about the joys of eating chicken in France where the caged chicken does exist but is largely spurned in favor of free range chicken roasted on an outdoor rotisserie. Made me want to fly straight to France to eat a chicken. The taste and succulence of a properly raised bird cooked on a rotisserie is the right way to eat, but you cannot underestimate the contribution of a rotisserie cooking method to enhance any chicken. We take one of our fine Jolly Farms chickens, put it in our handy-dandy countertop, electric rotisserie, let it rotate for a bit over an hour, and I assure you, this makes a great tasting and juicy chicken. The rotisserie is not terribly expensive and you will never go back once you try it. Jolly does such a fine job of raising chicken and the rotisserie finishes the job. My hat’s off to both, but I still want one of those French chickens.