Fall’s Work Is Done

The many hours, days and weeks spent on the tractor preparing and planting our winter pasture is now behind us and we plus the beeves and pigs wait for our chance to enjoy it. Planting is a tedious, labor-intensive business done in three stages and it is more expensive than the easy way out — buy a bunch of hay and put it out as needed. And our good streak continued when we registered 1.6 inches of rain in less than a week after planting. The rye and oats are jumping out of the ground and reaching for the sun.

The livestock will be rewarded by having fresh green forage all through the fall and winter and we are rewarded by watching the smiles on their faces as they grow grass-fat. Plus, it’s the pretty factor again. When the bright green contrasts with the yellows and browns as the sun goes down, we admire the scene from the porch and say, yes, it was worth the effort. Life is good on the farm.