The Lamb Project

Our effort to introduce seasonal lamb to our members is off to a wonderful start. Lamb packages sold out between 9:45 pm and 7:06 a.m. the following morning. Twenty-four of our households will be receiving lamb as the major portion of their coolers this month. However, we badly underestimated the demand with nearly as many not making the cut as did. We covered 24 but were unable to supply 21. Sorry about that but we had no idea based upon our test surveys that so many would be interested. We are working with our lamb farmer to see if he can supply more lamb for the coming Easter season and, if so, we and he will do our combined best to double the lamb we have for Easter. No promises yet, but we are working on it.

Along the same line, we are in discussions with quail and rabbit farmers to see if it makes sense to offer these meats as occasional extras in your coolers. Variety is the spice of life, yes?