Sleepless in the kitchen

Jolie Vue Farms - Breakfast of champions!

Jolie Vue Farms - Breakfast of champions!

Miss Chicory and I were abandoned by HoniAnn following the weekend of Spring Forward, a ridiculous semi-annual clock and body adjustment foisted upon us by our no-longer-trusted-to do-the-right-thing government. So we not only lost our matriarch for 8 days while she visited Frank, Megan, Fiona and the newborn Wilder G. Boudreaux (Yes!!), we simultaneously had a disrupted sleep routine. I’m pretty sure this qualified us for PSTSD (post semi-traumatic stress disease) candidacies.

What to do as we wait for the newly delayed dawn to appear? Go to the kitchen, where all discomforts are comforted.

It was prompted by my forgetting to buy more dog food for the Chic. So while we are wandering around in the dark, Chicory is giving me puzzled looks as she passes her empty food bowl. You know the look if you have pets – “hey Bub, aren’t you forgetting something? Do I have to spell this out for you?” So I grab a package of JVF ground beef and fry it up. Season with roasted garlic and other spices, crack a couple of Coyote Creek eggs on top for each of us, and chow down. Delicious.

This brought comfort to the discomforted. So we tried again.

Grabbed some Rancho Gordo Cassoulet beans, boiled for 5 minutes, reduced to a simmer and added turnips, carrots, yellow and green onions, and a bell pepper along with a slab of fresh pork belly and let it cook until the beans were almost soft. Into a 315 degree oven after that and baked until beans softened and a crusty top was achieved. Hey, it’s lunch time, right! Here’s the proof of that pudding!

The lesson learned? When life throws you a curve, re-boot in the kitchen. Nothing like good food to heal the wounds.