Pork Ribs

I like to cook pork ribs on the grill and only on the grill. But tenderness is a big deal to most people – they wrongly assume that tenderness equates with quality. That’s why the beef tenderloin is the most popular beef steak. Not because it has the best taste but because it’s the most tender.

So my grilled pork ribs are a bit chewy but Oh the flavor! The char, the smoke, the fat dripping onto the hot coals then bouncing back up on the ribs, and the pork itself. How can you beat it? But I decided to see how a grill/braise approach would work. The answer — very, very tender but not nearly so flavorful. The braising diluted the smoke and the hot fat.

Maybe I should have braised first, then grilled. You can try that if you want. I’m back to the grill, start to finish. I don’t need tenderness if it’s a robber of taste.