State of the Farm

Well, here I go again…is spring better than fall, or vice versa? I usually choose the season I’m living in because it feels so good at the time. So I cannot get enough of the prolonged spring we have had this year, starting well into the winter period. The weather is fine, the flowers are beautiful, and the summer grasses are breaking ground. The calves and pigs are frolicking and getting fat and happy. Our world seems perfect. Life is good. It can’t get any better than this, right?

That being said, you’ll catch me talking out of the other side of my mouth when the first cooling front caresses us in early October. The cool, dry breezes will reappear, having been erased by the sultry dog days of August. As the grasses turn yellow, the fall breezes turn the pastures into a rolling sea of grass. Fall whispers to us to slow down; the hard part of the year is over. Life is good again.

So what’s the answer, spring or fall? I guess it’s this: dance with who brung ya. They’re both enchanting ladies (or gentlemen).