Assessing the Consequences of Warm Winter

Here find the differences noted by an unusually warm winter:

  • our fruits orchards, pears and peaches, bore almost no fruit. Insufficient chill hours.
  • the wildflowers skipped the first bloom of bluebonnets and paintbrush and went straight to the second bloom of Indian blanket, Mexican hat and yellow flowers. We sure missed the bluebonnets though I must say the second bloom was beautiful and prolific. She tooketh away, but she gaveth back.
  • our purple martins are almost non-existent, apparently staying further north rather than migrating down where they help us keep the insects and grass hoppers at a manageable level. We love the martins but they don’t love us this year.
  • most disquietingly, I spotted a road runner in our east pasture. Why troubling? That’s a desert bird. Are we going back into a drought or just a dry’ish period? What are the long term implications? What is Mother Nature telling us? Time will tell.

That’s it for on the ground, folks! Here comes the kitchen...