Skipping Notices

Every month, we have one or more deliveries scheduled that “fail”. In other words, we did not get a timely notice that the customer wishes to skip that month. Sometimes we learn that on Thursday evening, Friday or even Saturday. Several times we have learned that while standing at the door with a cooler full of food and eggs, only to be told that the customer “intended” to skip.
Recall that we send notices of delivery weekend on the Monday preceding the delivery weekend so that you have 3 and 1⁄2 days to notify of your desire to skip that delivery. Please understand that we commit to costs promptly at noon on Thursday preceding your weekend delivery. This is the latest that we can notify Jolly Farms and Coyote Creek of our chicken and eggs order. As an example, we almost always have $150-200 in direct, incurred costs as a result of skip notices that come in too late.

Thursday is also the day we plan the delivery route, trying to make the drive from the farm to all of the homes as short as possible. We hope you can understand the difficulty of planning the most efficient route of making 50 or so home deliveries each day only to learn after doing so that 2, 3, or 4 customers have given us a late notice to take them off the route. So late notices of desire to skip have many costs and planning consequences to us.

We urge you to advise us as early as you can if it is your intention to skip the month’s delivery, but not later than noon on Thursday preceding the weekend of delivery. Any notices that arrive later than noon on Thursdays will incur a charge of $25 and if it comes in at a time when we have already packed your cooler, be that Saturday or Sunday morning, we will charge you the full cost of the delivery plus $25. However, in that last described situation, there will be no charge for your next delivery.

Fair enough? We hope so because we have always strived to be as easy and as flexible with our valued customers as is possible.