In the Kitchen

This month will not feature any particular recipe but instead will concentrate on changes in the food system brought on by consumer demand that 20 years ago was declared a “fad”. So much for that little bit of “whistling through the graveyard”.

But I will first note that HoniAnn did pull a quart of frozen bone broth from the deep freeze last night, added mixed veg, and made it our quick and easy soup for dinner. I am always amazed at how delicious and satisfying it is. And filling. I never go back for my second bowl, saving that for lunch the next day. For those of you who do not request free bones with your delivery, you’re missing a treat and a budget stretching one at that. Our bone broth recipe is found at the website.

So, let’s talk about the change in how America views food these days. First, can you find a full size grocery that does not feature organic produce in its fresh food section? And while some offer grass-fed meats, it seems that all offer “natural”, but you have to be inquiring about that label. It often means nothing, but more and more it means the elimination of antibiotics - maybe. And of course, a LOT of it comes from 1000’s of miles away, so who really knows if they can confirm what they say about it. We know there is a lot of cheating in both categories. Nonetheless, this all demonstrates that when my Aggie County Agent referred to me as “one of those organic hippies”, he had already missed the future.

But he wasn’t alone. Tyson recently announced that it “wouldn’t dream of putting antibiotics in their chicken feed”. Really? So when did you wakeup to that? It took 75 years to figure out that was a bad idea?

This month also saw that more and more of us are waking up to the fact that the government has not been our friend in its dietary recommendations for the last 60 years. A fat-free diet is a loser, not a winner. It was the sugar and hydrogenated oils, Stupid! But they were protecting our sugar and vegetable oil industry while supporting those that got grant money trying to prove the thesis on fats and starving those that believed otherwise.

Now if they would only drop the subsidies to the grain growers and make commodity beef, pork and chicken stand on its own 2 feet, you would find out what the true cost of commodity meats are. (Did you notice I didn’t say a thing about how nutrient-deprived a skinless chicken breast is? Don’t get me started!)

So, I end this letter with this simple note: the organic/grass-fed movement has only started and is nowhere near its end. And yes, we are a bunch or “organic hippies”. And proud of it!!