2018 Pricing

This year our only significant adjustment will be in the All Beef category (with or without chicken). Why? We introduced the All Beef because we wanted to accommodate folks who had religious issues with pork in the Traditional package. It has been more popular than we anticipated while pricing is unfair to Traditional and All Pork members. Remember that it takes 2 1/2 years to finish a steer while a porker takes only a year and a chicken from Jolly takes 3 months. That long beef finishing period accounts for a huge relative cost in terms of raising a steer, so All Beef should be priced higher.

So here goes with the prices that will first be charged for deliveries in February. Prices remain the same for this month - we always want to give advance warning of price changes so as to not surprise. Below are the changes: prices will be the same whether the order is with or without chicken.

All Beef: $294 instead of $269 (the new price keeps us below grass-fed beef grocer prices + ours is locally grown + delivered to your door).

All Pork: Stays at $269. This price reduction puts a $25 difference between all-pork and all-beef. Seems about right.

Traditional: $274 instead of $269 for our most popular package. This 1.8% adjustment just covers our increasing costs while narrowing our profit margin slightly. We’re OK with that. Hope you are.

We think these prices can stick into 2020. They keep us below grocer prices, it’s locally and sustainably grown in your food shed, and we deliver to your door.