We are big fans of soup, especially during these cold winters. We make it simple to start with and add vegs and starches when we reheat it. We have even used roasts and osso buco to make large batches to store in the freezer. Here is an example of what you can do with cuts such as short ribs, your chicken carcass or any of the other cuts.

First find our Bone Broth recipe at our website. We prefer cooking the meat and making the broth in the pressure cooker, but of course you can use slow cooker or stock pot if you prefer. It only enhances the flavor and richness if you are including a good chunk of meat when making the broth and it allows you to cut the meat into smaller bite-sized chunks when you go full scale into a soup.

Okay, you have made your meaty broth. We then strip off the meat and cut them into chunks for division into freezer storage containers. We found the perfect containers at Kroger’s, called “SOLO, Bowls to Go”. Freeze the broth and meat chunks for ready use when soup is on the menu.
The great thing about a soup is that you can have a complete meal in a bowl. Add your desired ingredients as you warm the soup up - think broccoli florets, green beans, collards, mustard greens, sweet or summer peas, corn, rice, pasta or potatoes. Choosing among these so that you have your different colors completes your meal. Add a buttered crusty french roll and a glass of wine and you are really eating like kings and queens.

It doesn’t get any better than this, folks!