State of the Farm

This is the time of year when we look around us and ask, “how can we get better?” That’s also why the CSA fee is charged in January - your financial assistance is a big part of our ability to grow our farm systems and make your food and your environment better at a time of year when we would otherwise be cash-starved.

Our “get better” project this year will be increasing our pastures while making each one smaller. How’s that?

The most important tools for a healthy pasture are 1) limiting the cow to her first bite so that there are plenty of remaining grass “solar panels” to absorb the suns rays and thereby facilitate regrowth, 2) long term rest before re-grazing, and 3) a pasture small enough that the cows’ natural fertilizer is concentrated rather than spaced here and there over a large area. With those principles in mind, we have two pastures that are much too large to allow proper implementation of these principles. We will start with our far east side pasture which is 20 acres large. Our intent is to break it into 4 pastures of about 5 acres each. 5 acres suits our purpose.

How does this work in your favor? The better the grasses consumed by the cattle, the better the nutrition in your food and the better the environment you live in - grass is one of the great carbon traps known to humankind.