…In the Kitchen

We used to raise meat chickens. Tough enterprise, very time intensive, predation can be severe if not guarded against, and harsh weather on either side of the gauge can be killing. We finally had to throw in the towel and went and found farmers who did chicken exclusively. Trying to do beef, pork and chicken was too much.

After a couple of false starts, we found Jill and her boys at Jolly Farms near Alvin. It’s been a downhill glide since then. They figured out how to raise Big Fat Hens year round with no loss of quality. Fat, tender, juicy every time. Not every member takes chicken. Big mistake in my opinion.

Here’s why: whether you cook it in the slow cooker, rotisserie or oven, you get nearly 4 pounds of delicious, juicy chicken. For Honi and I, that means three meals and a meaty carcass to make soup stock for another 2 or 3 meals.

Try the Jolly chicken if you haven’t. You’ll never look back.