Dietary Balance

Honi and I serve Recipe For Success as Directors Emeritus and plain old director, respectively, a Houston-based foundation leading the way in reducing childhood obesity.
RFS just initiated its 2nd annual VegOut! Challenge from the steps of City Hall and the program already exceeds last year’s total enrollment which challenges us to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days. Sounds impossible, right? 30 different vegetables?  You probably didn’t know there were that many to choose from.  But go to and see how do-able it is. Then register to take the challenge.  Balance your diet with appropriate portions of vegetables to go with your meat

Eggs from Coyote Creek

Unless and until we can rebuild our hen flock so that they are safe from predation (and we are working on that slowly), you will be finding your egg source coming from Coyote Creek Farm. And I will be frank here — I don’t know that we could ever grow a better egg than CCF provides. Here is their background.

CCF started as an organic grain mill in Elgin serving the pork and meat-chicken farmers. After making that a successful venture, they ventured off into free range hen flocks. Today they maintain what looks like a thousand or more hens in a series of free range paddocks stretching across a very large pasture. In addition to free ranging on grass, clover and hoppers, their grain ration comes from the mill - 100% organic.

CCF sells its eggs primarily into the wholesale market. You can find them at Whole Foods and Central Market at about $7/dozen. Because we buy so many, we get a price that allows us to sell to you for $5.50/dozen. At 92 cents for 2 scrambled eggs on a good sandwich with lettuce and tomato, it stretches your food dollar while giving you a nutritious protein source. Stretch that budget while eating the best egg you can find.

It’s good for us all.