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Our long-time supporters will confirm that I’m a screamer when it comes to the effort to rid fat from America’s diet. It is a long-held but demonstrably wrong assumption that fat on our bodies must come from fat in our diet. Despite all of the evidence that both refined and naturally occurring sugars are the cause of our heaviness and heart issues, the self-proclaimed nutritionists still push a low- or no-fat diet at us. They are just too proud to give it up after being so sure of themselves for so long.

Maybe the latest study will finally lead to a reasonable position on fats, heard on the NBC Evening News Monday, March 10. Searching for early predictors of Alzheimer’s disease, they found one that accurately predicted the disease 90% of the time. 90% accuracy is unheard of in disease studies because there are often so many potential causative factors.

Here there was only one that was common in 90% of the cases: participants with a low lipids count. What is the lipid count measuring? Fats in the bloodstream.

I wonder how they will explain this one.