Recipe: Bean Pot

We have included some budget-stretching tips in our last 2 deliveries but left one off - beans and summer peas, fortified, enhanced and flavored with our meats. Whether you like pintos, black beans, purple hull, blackeyes, navy or Great Northern beans and peas, making a big pot of beans and meats is a crowd pleaser, economical and a multi-meal treat that is good for you in so many ways. And there appears to be no significant drop-off in taste or nutrition if you choose fresh, dry, or fresh frozen. Here’s how I do it.

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In your bean pot, add enough olive oil and butter to keep things from sticking. Brown your meat, be that ground pork or beef, or any of our sausages cut into slices. Remove meats when cooked, and add a mirepoix (see our cooking book if that term is strange to you). I suggest diced onion, celery and bell pepper. Fresh jalapeno if you like a little fire. When the vegetables are softened, add beans or peas and stock or water. Cook at slow simmer until beans are softened. Season as you go until your liking. Pop it further with some Tabasco if you like. Enjoy as a 1 piece meal. Make a lot and cover more than one dinner. Delicious and nutritious. While it is “Carby”, these are all complex carbs so much better than pasta, white rice or other processed carbs.