Environmental Protection Agency

There They Go Again

Paw Paw had to deal with the government and its well-intentioned but often misguided regulators as we do (that “misguided” part has only gotten worse in our day). The last straw for him was the pasteurization mandate. He knew that heating the milk was going to take it out of its natural balance and destroy good bacteria for the sake of killing bad bacteria that had never been found in his milk in the first place. So the cost of pasteurization equipment was the last straw for him and he closed the dairy after 35 years of delivering good, health-giving food to the local population. Fair View is now a residential subdivision where many of my cousins reside on “farmettes”.

The government is at it again (but don’t worry, we will not concede!) They are offering new dietary guidelines. Is there anything in their history to suggest we should listen to them considering the poor health of our nation following their fallacious suggestions of the past. They now suggest that we eat less beef for “environmental reasons”. Please tell me they’re not serious! 
But they are. Here’s their logic, and I am not making this up. Cows and other 4-legged herbivores turn grass into red meat. That’s pretty miraculous in itself. In the process, they belch methane. Methane is one of the ozone-effecting gases. So in its ignorantly simplistic view of the world, the gov concludes that cows must be bad. Are they just trying to save some credibility after getting beef so wrong since the 60’s? Who knows.

But here are the facts: our grasslands are the greatest carbon trappers on the planet, ridding the atmosphere of much more ozone depleting gases than the miniscule amounts of methane emitted by herbivores. Grasslands will not thrive without the beneficial effects of grazing animals, be that the buffalo the deer or the cow (by the way, they don’t mention that the U.S. cow herd does not now and has never reached the anywhere near the numbers of the old buffalo herds. Seems like we were pretty healthy when the buffalo roamed the Plains). And what if we got rid of cattle altogether, or even reduced their numbers by half? Would purses, shoes, belts, and car seats then be replaced by vinyl or some other chemical plant produced material?

What would that add to our greenhouse gases. And if they want to go after agriculture, why don’t they reduce monocultural farming which scalped the grasslands and poured chemical all over our surface, into the waterways and the atmosphere? There’s a reason that the Ag companies are exempt from the EPA. They would have to shut down vegetable farming as we know it of they were subject to the same regulations as everybody else.

So ignore your government while improving your health and your environment. The government’s agenda is different and has nothing to do with either. Maddening but true.