Feral Hogs

The Ferals

As I watched for first light of the day from the hilltop on a recent Sunday morning, mass movement caught my attention at the bottom of the hill. From my vantage, it was like black ants moving excitedly across the terrain. I grabbed the binoculars. Darn. Feral hogs, descendants of the Russian Boar. A pack of about 30, male and female, young and old, but mostly young. I grabbed my new .410 revolver, jumped on the Gator and proceeded as quickly as possible toward the pack. They of course sensed a change well before I got close enough to cause any pain but I did fire off 5 shots at the fleeing rear ends before they disappeared into the neighbor’s woods. While doubting that any lead actually touched them, I clearly scared the devil out of them and that might be good for a little while. But they undoubtedly will get past their scare and return because there is too much stuff they like at Jolie Vue.

Nobody has come up with a real solution for the feral hog problem in Texas. They are simply too prolific. So we try to manage the problem down to an acceptable level.