In the Orchard

Once we were able to get to the farm from Houston (all three routes were closed for the day of and the day following the main flood), we did find the orchards to be relatively unharmed. Our sixth generation Celeste fig tree split down the middle but I think it can be rehabbed and otherwise there were no trees lost, though there was some fruit blown off their limbs. Our pears, which are slowly reaching maturity and therefore making fruit in better numbers, did lose about 15% of the formed pears. Peaches were lost but we have a bumper crop this year which easily offsets the minor losses. We have put away 2,000 peaches already and have many hundreds, perhaps even a thousand still to be picked. We will still beat the average harvest of 2,500 peaches.

The pigs and I do love the peaches. Peach pork will start in the July delivery.

Overhead and expense requires that we announce a price adjustment. The adjustment will be phased in starting in the July deliveries with another adjustment to be made in January of 2017.