Fruit Trees

The Fruits

As all of you except our newest members know, our fruit orchards are being developed to supply our porkers with their finishing rations. We finish our pigs in their last 4 weeks on fruit, nuts and greens. The array of fruits will eventually consist of peaches, pears, melons and figs. We already feed our own peaches. Figs are getting there - we anticipate having some though not enough for this year and pears are in the ground but still a few years away from maturity. We are experimenting with melons using the straw bale method and once we have that down, the melons come online quickly — next year. In the meantime, we supplement with fresh fruits from the Airline Farmers Market. Our finishing program distinguishes our pork from the rest of the field, enhancing not only the flavor but the wide variety of nutrients. (We have a special finishing program for our beef as well, but we keep that a secret — it took many years of experimenting with grass-finishing to get where we are as leaders in the field, good grass-fed beef being much more difficult than the omnivorous pig. All we can tell you is that it adheres strictly to grass-finishing protocol.)