Look Who’s Not Coming to Dinner

A recent column in the NYT begins this way: “A footlong loaf of bread, stuffed with savory cheese, purchased at a beloved Italian bakery and presented with pride at a recent potluck meal: ‘This bread is delicious’, I crowed. The kitchen went quiet. You’d think I had offered up a bouquet of poison ivy.”

What was the writer’s problem? The stratification of food into a growing number of camps. Her bread was off-listed by gluten-free, vegan, sugar free, low sodium, no carb, no dairy, wheatless, and on and on. How did we get to this segregated food culture that hardly allows us to celebrate a meal together? The answer is too varied by individual and too complex with many unknowns for any one person to answer. But we should be able to say this with some degree of confidence - starting over, no matter how gradually, with a balanced diet of clean, nutritious food in a wide variety of choices, must surely be the answer back to a healthy life plan.

Experience at home and with the reports from our long-time customers tells us that eating real food from across the meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable bounty will be positive and affirming. Get started today - we all have a long history of doing it the wrong way so there are no overnight diet cures no matter what the promoters tell us. But there are long term cures. Let’s do it together!