Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt

We have added many new members as we rebuild from our members who were lost in Harvey. After much study, we have contemporaneously added a step at our butcher shop procedure, the light pre-salting of many of our cuts. So for all of you who have not been informed of this addition, here are the "hows and whys" of this improved process.

  • Salt is an essential mineral, providing the necessary sodium that our body demands for good health (Honi and I have a family member who suffered a stroke for lack of adequate sodium in his body).
  • Especially in this hot humid climate that we all experience, we need salt to replace our supply that is sweated out.
  • We chose Himalayan salt because it is considered the purest form of all of the salts.


  • So long as salt is given time to work its magic, salt penetrates the toughening tendons in meat and dissolves them into a liquid form through the osmosis process. The result: enhanced juiciness and most importantly, enhanced tenderness.
  • One last and not to be overlooked advantage: the tendons that are broken down by salt are pure protein - so your proteins are increased as you enjoy them in their converted, edible form.


  • osmosis begins when the salt is applied to the individual cuts at our butcher shop but is halted as the cuts are frozen and vac-packed. So you will get the maximum benefit from salt by thawing the cut for 24 hours in advance of cooking. You can speed up the thawing process by leaving the cut on your kitchen counter until you see the juices start to emit. Return to the fridge until you are ready to cook.

Pre-salted Meats, redux

The positive response to our process of lightly salting some of our cuts with the purist of all salts, Himalayan, has been encouraging. We also know that not everybody gets the message the first time, so let’s review again why this works to improve the eating and nutritional experience.

Salt, if given time, will dissolve the tendons that can make meat tough. Tendons are pure protein and salt doesn’t change that, but instead improves it by making it more digestible and the meat more tender and moister.

How to maximize the experience: The osmosis starts at the butcher shop but will stop when the meat reaches its frozen state. To restart the salt’s magical effect on your meat, assume you want to cook a particular cut on Thursday. Take your meat out of the freezer on Wednesday morning and place it on your kitchen counter until the meat is thawing but still has plenty of chill to it. Place it back into the fridge, take it out the next day 45 minutes before cooking to bring it to room temperature. Cook and enjoy a moister, more tender cut of meat. Try this method with all of your cuts that have Himalayan Salt added.

However, if you want to avoid the extra day’s thaw, you will still have an improved product by just thawing and cooking immediately