Joshua Weissman

Boy Wonder

The April 23rd edition of the Houston Chronicle, Flavors section, features an article on this 18 year old from the Cypress neighborhood who, tired of being bullied as a fat kid, designed his own diet and lost 100 pounds. Then he wrote and published a cookbook which is The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook, containing recipes he wrote himself. You can find the cookbook at Amazon. He wrote it without a co-author and even did his own photo shooting. Amazing kid!

But my point in including it here is that he regained his good health and trim figure by eating only from Paleo, that is, eating only whole foods (and his meats are grass-fed and naturally-raised without drugs or hormones). That is the diet that Thomas Jefferson prescribed long ago and that we have always espoused even before it was called Paleo or Whole Food. A meat, 3 vegs and a fruit in about equal portions at your main meal. As a further aside, this is what makes soups so beneficial. Recalling my recipe for Oxtail and Vegetable soup in the April newsletter, a bowl contains 8 vegetables, beef and beef broth. A perfect meal if served with a glass of wine or sliced fruit on the side.

We have momentum here, folks. Ride the wave to good health through wholesome and delicious eating. Next time you look for ways to trim your budget, don’t do it on the food side. It’s too important for you and your family. Make real food an immutable priority in your budget and for your life.